The modern Japanese restaurant Adjito, which can be translated as “mystery” is located on the Lorettostreet in Düsseldorf. The black and golden furniture as well as the graywashed walls on which large paintings are placed ensure a dark but warm ambience. The atmosphere definitely invites you to linger. But what makes this restaurant different from all the other Japanese places in Düsseldorf?

adjito-1_bearbeitet-1First of all that’s definitely the open kitchen in the middle of the restaurant, which enables you to watch the sympathetic cooks preparing your food right in front of your eyes. In addition to that the unusual food menu makes a huge different as well! The menu is small but offers an unusual mix of sushi, sashimi, meat and vegetable dishes. However the menu is everything but not clear, so we needed an explanation of the different dishes from the really nice and patient service. Afterwards we knew a little bit more about the dishes hiding behind the names, so I ordered the sushi tapas and the summer roll with salmon as starters. The food arrived quickly and in contrast to the summer rolls the sushi tapas, which contained a lot of meat and fish didn’t met my taste since I don’t eat meat. A little bit disappointed by this dish I ordered the vegi tempura sushi as another starter, which came together with the main dishes. 

adjito-14_bearbeitet-2sushi tapas

As main course I had the vegi bowl, a huge bowl filled with rice and veggies, including zucchini, mushrooms and tofu. But my favorite dish of this evening was the vegi tempura sushi! Fried vegetables for example asparagus, aubergine and beans on rice with a delicious sauce! It was super scrumptious and visually appealing just as all our orders! The chefs definitely deserve 5 stars out of five for the food presentation! Oh and please let me quickly rave about the nori fries my brother ordered, hands down the best fries ever! We actually had to order them again because we finished them so fast!

adjito-5Adjito – Lorettostraße 18, Düsseldorf

All in all the Adjito has a great Japanese fusion kitchen in a nice ambience and is definitely worth a visit for everyone who is seeking some variety and not just the traditional Japanese cuisine with Sushi & Co.



  1. October 15, 2016 / 01:34

    Mmmh das sieht aber alles toll aus! Ich komme auch aus Düsseldorf und war schon bei einigen Japanern, aber Adjito kenne ich noch nicht. Klingt aber, als ob ich da mal vorbeischauen sollte. Die Bilder machen einem ja wirklich Hunger 😀

    Liebe Grüße

  2. October 15, 2016 / 09:37

    Hallo liebe Sophia! Ich kann dir auf jeden Fall empfehlen das Adjito mal auszuprobieren! Es ist einfach mal was anderes als die typischen Japaner in Düsseldorf, zudem ist die Atmosphäre im Restaurant super angenehm.

    Liebe Grüße

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