Last Saturday Melli and I went to the Sheba event in Aachen. Surely, we all know the Sheba-cat from the advertisements. The grey cat with those magic blue eyes, nobody can resist. In the virtual-reality version of the “Eyes for Sheba” event the cat seemed to be hopping back and forth, slamming hooks, purring – and at every minute obviously had only one thing in mind: to seduce us to her give her Sheba. 


I was super excited to try out the virtual-reality experience and I wasn’t disappointed at all! It actually was a super cool concept to implement the Sheba slogan “resistance is futile” like this. Anyway, the cat is the boss – and we know resistance is futile! If you want to experience it yourself, you can feel the seductive power of the cat on a 360 ° video at sheba.de/augen-fuer-sheba. Set up your cardboard glasses and immerse yourself in the 360 ° sheba experience!



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