Ticking off a point on my bucket list always gives me a moment of heebie-jeebies followed by joyful excitement and feeling like an achiever in someway. While the heebie-jeebies possibly come from an open window, the excitement is real and keeps on getting back whenever I remember the special happenings. 

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Surely I couldn’t stop myself from grinning as we walked into the elegant Japanese restaurant called Benkay inside the Nikko Hotel. The only place in Düsseldorf with Teppanyaki-grills and traditional Tatami rooms. All dishes get prepared right in front of your eyes as you are seated around the Teppanyaki-grills. I promise you, waiting for your food to arrive has never been more entertaining! My dad ordered the menu called Benkay for both of us, since I simply couldn’t decide between the extravagant multi-course menus.

Benkay - 4

Starting with Nigiri sushi and a seasonal mixed salad the menu is a must for every fish but also steak lover! As first main course shrimps, salmon and scallops with seasonal vegetables were served followed by another course of filetsteak with a side of seasonal vegetables. Precisely observing the cook preparing the steak is extra important otherwise you might blink the second when he turns out the lights and flambés the steak for the perfect taste experience. Last but not least the matcha crêpe flambée with ice cream and fruits rounded off the menu.

The experience was incredible and will surely remain a special culinary adventure with the traditional Japanese cuisine at its best!

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Benkay - 26_bearbeitet-1Benkay - 15_bearbeitet-2Restaurant Benkay – Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf

Since having dinner at such an extravagant restaurant isn’t usual or ordinary for me in any way, eating at a teppanyaki-grill has been on my bucket list for a few years now. So I’m extra happy that I could finally tick it off after I rolled home from dinner feeling like a little blowfish from all the amazing food!



  1. Mareike Zimmermann
    January 23, 2017 / 00:08

    Wow! Das sieht wirklich nach einem sehr spektakulärem Dinner aus! Würde ich auch gerne mal ausprobieren! ☺

    Schönen Abend noch!

  2. January 23, 2017 / 22:59

    Es war wirklich sehr lecker und spektakulär. Ich wünsche dir auch noch eine schöne Woche!

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