It’s the season to wear scarves! They will protect your neck from getting cold and certainly help against sore throats. So clearly a scarf is the perfect companion during the colder seasons of the year and since it’s only February there are still a lot of dark months coming up! Besides being a practical supplement a scarf is also a fashionable piece to complement any outfit.

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Getting my make-up done by a professional makeup artist is one of the best feelings ever! You don’t have to worry about failing at your eyeliner or accidentally getting to dramatic with your highlighter. The only thing you have to do is sit back and relax. The best part is when the make-up artist is done with your look and you can marvel at reflexion in the mirror, wondering why you never succeed to do your make-up like this on your own! 

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A few weeks ago one of my favorite fashion events took place in Düsseldorf. I’m talking about the runway concept show Platform Fashion! Last year was my first time attending this event and I was totally thrilled when I received the invitations to my first runway shows (read more about it here)! This year the fashion madness began on saturday with Platform Fashion Selected. Well, actually it all started with Nora and me getting our make-up done at Inglot, but that’s another story and worth a separate blogpost so stay excited till next Wednesday for this one! Nevertheless I already want to reveal that we looked like goddesses even though we almost missed the show because of it! 

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The first month in 2017 has passed and one thing is for sure this year is already off to great start! Therefore I want to collect all the little things, that made me smile during the past four weeks in this article. I also plan on making this little review every month in the best case accompanied with a little vlog. January was super exciting and I could gather a lot of footage! So I will try to make this a monthly thing, where I upload a vlog every month on my youtube channel. It’s such an awesome memory to look back on! Maybe I will also be brave enough to talk to the camera in the next vlog! We’ll see! But for now I want to begin by sharing my favorite things, food and events I loved in January!

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On our third day in Berlin we took things a little bit easier, there was just the Ewa Herzog runway show early in the morning planned for us. Another fashion week highlight, since the show was spectacular regardless of our bad seats! Dreamlike dresses made out of delicate lace in heavenly pastel tones. In case I win the lottery in the near future, one of these dresses would surely become the dress for my graduation ball.

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The day has come and I’m finally going to share one of my biggest secrets with you! For years I’ve been on the mission to find the best place to eat sushi in my area and now I can proudly say I found it, where I expected it at least: in the food court of a shopping centre. I know what you are about to say, but just trust me with this one like I’m a guy named Jack holding you tight at the railing of a ship. It is the best!

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We started our second day in Berlin with a boosting breakfast at “What do you fancy love?”. One of my favorite cafes in Berlin, which I discovered during my last visit (read more about their healthy breakfast options here). After we strengthened ourselves with delicious smoothies it was time to head to our fist runway show in Berlin: Leonie Mergen! Her collections was amazing, but I still thought the show in general would be a little bit more exclusive and longer.

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Today I want to show you one of my favorite looks, I wore during the Berlin fashion week. At – 3 degrees it was quite difficult to stay warm and to remain stylish at the same time! Therefore I decided to create a look around my fluffy feather jacket. It’s a real eye-catcher and not only fluffy but super warm as well! I combined it with my favorite pair of pleated culottes, under which I could smoothly hide two pairs of tights to protect myself from the cold as good as possible.

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Last saturday I met up with my dear Nora again, after I’ve been in Berlin for the fashion week (read my first Fashion week diary here). So we had a lot to catch up on! Obviously that’s ideally done during a delicious dinner! Therefore we accepted the dinner invitation by Yaz joyfully and were super exited for the promised dash of orient. 

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I fell down from my little cloud tthe harsreality when the lady at the security check-in unconcernedly told me that my flight is overbooked and therefore I might have to take a later one. I talked to almost every Airberlin employee I could find at the airport, but nobody could help me. So I was left with the hope that one of the passengers ignored his alarm, got ill or is standing in traffic. As the women at the counter finally waved at me and gave me a ticket it took a lot of my mind and I could talk, breath and relax again!

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