Fritz’s Frau Franzi

Last sunday it was time for an extensive brunch at The Fritz hotel in Düsseldorf! The integrated restaurant Fritz’s Frau Franzi invited us to try out their exclusive Club-Brunch and it was a pleasure for me to spent the second advent in such a great company and with so many tasty treats. After a friendly reception with their signature drink, a blue melon punch, it was finally time to start the feast while a DJ supplied the best tunes!

Clubl Brunch - Blogger Event im Hotel The Fritz, Düsseldorf

Next to various sorts of granola, fresh bread and healthy smoothies one could also order several egg dishes. Especially delicious was the holundergelée with vanilla, which I generously spread on my croissant after mistaking it for normal jam. In addition to that I really enjoyed their smoothies, which (just let me quote Linh from in high fashion Laune) “taste like healthiness”. 

In the following we got a guided tour through the stylish boutique hotel by the hotel director Eva Herrmann. During the tour I could also take a look into a few of the thirty-three double rooms, in which every designer heart will blossom. The rooms are small but functional with a specific focus on luxurious accents. Precious marble, dark wood and muted tones ensure exciting contrasts to the floral patterns, which can be found again and again like a red thread, from the decorative flower wall in the restaurant to the pillows in the rooms. 

the-fritz-hotel-10Clubl Brunch - Blogger Event im Hotel The Fritz, Düsseldorf

After our little tour the feast continued just as scrumptious as it begun with a four courses menu by Benjamin Kriegel and Robert J.K. Kranenborg. At first I was delighted by raw grated carrots with coleslaw and fermented carrot juice followed by an Ahrenshorster wallerfilet as second course. Additionaly my request for a meat free third course was implemented masterfully and lentils in a paprika sauce were served instead of their signature pork belly. At this point I particularly want to thank the service, who was super courteous and thoughtful. For dessert we were spoiled with artfully decorated ice cream and hazelnut parfait. A dream come true!

Clubl Brunch - Blogger Event im Hotel The Fritz, Düsseldorfthe-fritz-hotel-14the-fritz-hotel-6_bearbeitet-1Clubl Brunch - Blogger Event im Hotel The Fritz, Düsseldorfthe-fritz-hotel-3Fritz’s Frau Franzi, Adersstrasse 8, Düsseldorf / photos are taken by Daniel A. Opoku and me

Let’s put in nutshell: The stylish boutique hotel in the heart of Düsseldorf is the „place to be“ for cosmopolitans from all around the world while the club-brunch at the integrated restaurant Fritz’s Frau Franzi is a luxurious pleasure in a chic atmosphere, which will make you leave with a big grin from ear to ear and a happy belly.

Thank you for having me!



  1. December 13, 2016 / 18:15

    Das sieht ja fantastisch aus! Leider werde ich aber nicht so schnell in diese Gegend gelangen 🙁
    Das goldene Besteck finde ich ja auch sehr cool 😀
    xx Denise

  2. December 14, 2016 / 15:49

    Es war auch echt super lecker! Falls du doch mal in die Nähe von Düsseldorf kommen solltest kann ich dir den Brunch wirklich nur empfehlen! 🙂

    Liebe Grüße!

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