KLL Arts illustration

Recently I had the honor to be illustrated by the super talented Kamile from KLL arts! She is a self-taught fashion illustrator from Lithuania and was kind enough to customize this wonderful portrait of me. I’m honestly crazy about it, well not in a self-obsessed way, it is just incredible to have such a beautiful illustration of myself, which makes me look a lot cooler than I actually am …

FabienneMaxi IllustrationTherefore I really want to thank the lovely Kamile, for expand my embarrassing selfie collection with this awesome portrait illustration.  I personally think we doesn’t show enough appreciation for this art. I mean Isn’t a creative depiction of oneself a great refreshment from the abundance of selfies out there? On this matter I would warmly recommend you to take a look at Kamile’s beautiful illustrations on her instagram profile (here) or her website (here). On her site you can also inquire your own portrait or fashion illustration, whatever you prefer. Just get in touch with her, I promise she is super kind! Send her the photo that you’d like her to draw and soon you will have your own piece of art.



  1. Michaels
    June 14, 2016 / 17:58

    very nice picture!

  2. June 15, 2016 / 20:15

    Thank you, Kamile is so talented!

    Best wishes

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