The breakfast club

The early bird gets the worm is really not up to date anymore. Since today the early bird would rather get the creamiest avocado toast! Lately breakfasts have become my favorite meal of the day for several causes. First of all they are the perfect reason to leave your warm bed in the morning and an early breakfast also provides you with the necessary energy to start your day.

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Currently I could eat nothing else but avocado bread or acai bowls for breakfast, lunch and dinner! But I’m pretty sure that’s just a phase. Similar to the sushi addiction I went through last year, which by the way has almost driven me to ruin. Thankfully breakfast food offers more varieties from pancakes and granola over banana bread or fruits to nutritious acai bowls and at Lauras Deli in Düsseldorf one can actually get all of these treats. Therefore Lauras Deli is the perfect place to try out some healthy and delicious breakfast options.

Lauras Delis acai bowl was the one dish I was looking forward to the most, while in reality the avocado toast and the pancakes turned out to be the real stars and stole the smoothie bowl the show. Nevertheless the acai bowl was still a refreshing dream, but it could taste a little bit more fruity in my opinion. Anyways the bowl is a must for every smoothie bowl addict and lover of nice food presentations. Seriously am I the only one who never manages to make a smoothie bowl look that esthetic? The avocado toast was more of an spontaneous incidence, I impulsively ordered as I discovered it out of the corner of my eye while I was paying at the counter. Luckily my tummys instinct was totally right about it! It was the creamiest avocado bread I’ve ever eaten before. The super delicious avocado cream was topped of with radish, lemon, cress and chili flakes. A match made in heaven! The american lemon ricotta pancakes were another tasty surprise, surpassing all my expectations! Fresh blueberries and pecan nuts were the perfect toppings in combination with the maple syrup the pancakes resulted in a sweet seduction. All in all I had a fantastic breakfast, ensuring a magnificent morning. 

Lauras Deli - 3 Lauras Deli - 4Lauras Deli - 14Lauras Deli - 15Lauras Deli - 13Lauras Deli - 12_bearbeitet-2Lauras Deli - 9 bearbeitet - 1Lauras Deli - 10 bearbeitet - 1Lauras Deli in Düsseldorf, Carlsplatz 1  

Since breakfast slowly but surely becomes my favorite meal of the day I’m certain you will find me in a lot more cafes during the next weeks savoring pancakes, avocado toasts and yogurts for instance. The yogurt topped of with fruits and maple syrup at the bazzar cafe was a dainty, sadly they don’t serve pancakes so I guess I have to come back to Lauras Deli as soon as possible to quench this eagerness!

Do you got hungry now? Than this post (here) about another delicious breakfast is the one for you!

Bazzar - 5Bazzar Cafe in Düsseldorf, Schlüterstraße 3A



  1. Yannick
    March 22, 2016 / 09:56

    It looks so tasty

  2. March 23, 2016 / 09:47

    It tasted delicious too!

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