A foodies paradise

Since the Rotterdam market hall was fittingly located on our way home from The Hague we had to stop there for lunch to try out some culinary delights. The market hall in the center of Rotterdam is a beneficial combination of food, leisure and living. The artist who designed the ceiling definitely deserves a gold medal, as well as the architect. The horseshoe-shaped eleven-storey building simply is a masterpiece of architecture. 

Rotterdam Markthalle - 2_bearbeitet-1

What you will find inside of it is a collection of market stands, some supermarkets and a few restaurants. The offerings of the stand holders is very divers and the market provides just about all culinary highlights one can think of. Some of the stalls also have little stairways leading up to small rooftop seating areas where one can enjoy a bite to eat or a drink while having a great overview of the hustle and bustle on the market. Even though the prices are quite high, the quality totally makes up for it. The Rotterdam market hall truly is a foodies paradise and an architects nirvana!

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What I noticed was that a lot of stands were selling different kind of nuts as well as dry fruits. Otherwise we also came across sushi, some indian dishes ,fries and much more! So I can ensure you that you’ll leave the markthalle saturated. The only problem was deciding where to eat. But after I strolled through the market hall a couple of times, I eventually felt like I’ve seen the majority of offers and opted for a delicious acai smoothie bowl! A great decision! Probably one of the best smoothie bowls I’ve ever had! The market hall is definitely worth a visit and I would highly recommend to get there with great hunger.

Roermond market hall - 6_bearbeitet-1 - Rotterdam market hallRoermond market hall - 4_bearbeitet-1 - Rotterdam market hall


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