What do you fancy love?

Well in my case that’s with no doubt fashion. It has always been and I’m sure it will always be fashion. Therefore I was extra excited as I got the chance to join some events during the Mercedes Benz fashion week in Berlin. My journey started in the early morning on Tuesday the 28th of June, fully packed with a Jolie runway report in my left hand and a banana walnut cake from Starbucks in my right. Greatly prepared for my first trip all alone.

Berlin - 8_bearbeitet-2Berlin - 7_bearbeitet-1Berlin - 5_bearbeitet-2

FashionBloggerCafe the Original

During the 4 hour train ride my excitement and anticipation kept rising staidly as I got closer to all the fashion hustle and bustle in Berlin with around 200 km per hour. On long train rides I tend to become quite sentimental and my thoughts reached a whole new level of deepness. How did I even got here? In my dreams I already visited every fashion week at least twice, but who would have thought that dreams can come true? As the train finally arrived at the Berlin main station an inevitable countdown started in my head. I had half an hour until the FashionBoggerCafe The Original started. 30 minutes in which I had to get to my hotel, do the check-in, change my outfit , refresh my make-up and then jump into the next bus to get to the LNFA concept store in which the event took place. Of course I didn’t made it in time, which wasn’t only my fault but mostly caused by my delayed train. By which it basically became a mission impossible to be somehow punctual. Howsoever I eventually made it to the FashionBloggerCafe where it all went down. The location of the event definitely met my taste because of its industrial charm and modern touch due the furniture and decor. And as I spotted the kind Nicole from bluetenschimmern I finally saw a familiar face as well. Nicole and I have met each other at the FashionBloggerCafe shoedition at the beginning of this year and stayed in contact since then, so it was super nice to see her again. After a little chat we decided to test out our sewing talent, which ended up in being a labor of Sisyphus! I’m a little bit to inpatient for sewing by hand but at the end I proudly completed my little black clutch provided by the shoe label Ecco but sewed all by myself! 

Berlin - 3_bearbeitet-1

The title “What fancy do you love” isn’t just plucked out of the air, but the name of a little cafe where I had breakfast twice during my stay in Berlin. The cafe offers a great selection of fresh fruit and vegetable juices as well as diverse bagel variations. I always ordered a juice called nerdy which I can absolutely recommend. The staff was super friendly and made me feel really welcomed. Even my extra request for a fruit salad was fulfilled without problems. It has been quite busy during the times I’ve been there, but that doesn’t necessary has to be seen as a bad thing.

Berlin - 11_bearbeitet-1 - FashionBloggerCafeBerlin - 14_bearbeitet-1 - FashionBloggerCafeFashionBloggerCafeWhat do you fancy love? Knesebeckstr. 68/69 Berlin

To give you an even better insight on my MBFW Berlin trip I recorded some of my favorite moments to create a little vlog for you, where you can get a great impression of the fashion blogger cafe and see me having breakfast at “What do you fancy love?”.

W A T CH  M E  G O  T O  M B F W  B E R L I N :


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