Shades of grey

One of my all-time fall favorites is this fluffy feather jacket. I wore it to death a few years ago when I purchased it. My whole car seat was full of feathers during this period. It looked like a birdcage or something like this. One time I even ended it up in a club with it and was to scared to leave it at the wardrobe. So I partied the whole night in this super warm fur coat and every drunk girl wanted to touch my jacket. It was horrible! Howsoever I only wore it a few times this fall and definitely not in the club.

Shades of grey

I’m still obsessed with this jacket but it always looks very big on me. Sometimes I feel like a football player or yeti in it. Still it matches perfectly with some destroyed jeans and  a pair of classic white sneakers. I love to dress fancy pieces down and make them wearable for everyday. Next season I’m sure this jacket will have its come back.

Shades of greyShades of grey


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