Black and White

As much as I’m into colors lately I still stayed faithful to my typical black and white outfits. Recently I’m totally obsessed with leather shorts combined with a cosy sweater or a sophisticated bodysuit. For this look I went with a lace bodysuit and a simple white jeans jacket. I finished off the look with a mini bag and some edgy booties. I actually turned my crossbody bag into a mini bag by shortening the shoulder strap. Although mini bags are totally trendy right now they are probably the most inconvenient bags ever. With a little bit luck I can barely fit a lipstick and my car key in there. 

Black and white outfitsBlack and white outfits Black and white outfits

I especially love the second look of the black and white outfits. I think the elegant culottes fit perfectly to the off-the-shoulder blouse. The stylish pattern of the skirt and the matching belt gives the whole outfit a business look kinda vibe. Nevertheless I wear this beautiful blouse rarely since off-the-shoulder blouses are just annoying sometimes. I can’t be the only one who has to pull off-the-shoulder tops down almost every minute since they usually slip up. Still I really like the off the shoulder look and beauty knows no pain, right?.

Black and white outfitsBlack and white outfits