New York

New York, New York … Last week I travelled to New York. I’ve been there before but its still crazy to me how much the city changed since my last visit a few years ago. We did a lot of sightseeing which is obviously a must when you visit a city like New York, where there is so much to see at every corner. So we strolled through the central park, went to the top of the empire state building, walked down 5th avenue and ate a lot!

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side at times. Even though it was mostly sunny it was so cold. Needless to say that I caught a cold. It’s probably my own fault since I didn’t packed any warm clothes. At least I brought enough medicine with me! I always order some medicine before going on vacation since my body always decided to become sick as soon as I enter  a plane. Therefore the online pharmacy Shop Apotheke (here) is a very convenient option. For everyone with a better immune system than me they also offer other products like superfoods (here) or beauty products (here)! 

View from the Empire State BuildingOculus by Caltavara, World Trade CenterBrooklyn Bridge
Times Square / This post is supported by Shop Apotheke


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