When I was 16 it has been one of my biggest dreams to leave Germany as soon as I can, after I finished school. Now I’m nearly done with all this school stuff, to be exact as soon as I took my four upcoming  A-level exams, and moving to Los Angeles is the last thing on my mind. Why? Because it is super expensive! Okay that’s obviously not the only reason, but during the past month I have to admit that I fell in love with the city I grow up in!

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We girls always get super excited when it comes to new bags, right? So after bringing my good, but way too big and unhandy speedy with me for years I thought it was time for another investment. Accordingly I would like to  introduce you to my new partner in crime: this beautiful crossbody bag from Michael Kors!

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This will hopefully be the last outfit for now, where I had to wear a hat and freeze my ass of for the photos! No, honestly the weather has been great the past few days. From one day to the other it felt like spring or sometimes even summer is here! As a pretty weather dependent person the sudden sun and warm breezy air lifted my mood incredibly. I just want to spent as much time as possible outside next to blooming flowers while eating a frozen yoghurt (just like last year here).

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Let’s be honest: March just sucked, at least in my case. Somehow nothing worked out the way I wanted it to. But that’s just life ,I guess. Life is like a roller coaster. Sometimes you are all the way up and suddenly you are on the ground again. Nevertheless I truly believe it will always go uphill again. Well, that was deep enough for now, because I still tried to enjoy this month and besides my personal ups and downs March was still full of highlights.

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A few weeks ago I went on a little weekend trip to Munich together with my lovely grandma. It was a gift for my eighteens birthday and I really looked forward to travel somewhere, just the two of us. Fortunately we caught some cheap flights and arrived in Munich on friday afternoon. Right after we parked our luggage in the hotel the hunger kicked in and a nasty thunderstorm. So we were searching for a restaurant close to our hotel.

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It’s never easy to choose the right jacket for a night out, during spring. They are all either too heavy and stiff, like biker jackets, or too ordinary, like denim jackets. So I recommend to go for a bomber jacket instead! It’s a timeless piece of which we witnessed many reinterpretations. The jacket works wonderfully with a jeans, a dresses or with shorts. And in case your want to look utterly cool, go for a satin one: it’s always the best choice.

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As I recently discovered the new pasta sauce “classic” by Miracoli it felt like I found a little piece of my childhood right there on a shelf in the supermarket! I love to remember those days, when my mum cooked Miracoli for all of us and my whole family came together to enjoy some italian vibes in rainy Germany.

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You need shoes. If you don’t have shoes, you can’t leave your house! Probably one of the most convincing arguments to buy the hundredth pair of shoes, right? Imagine walking around barefoot, in the worst case with a bad pedicure? Not a pleasant idea! Accordingly we all need shoes. It’s like water and food, necessary to survive. So let’s just buy the damn pair of shoes we love for no reason and feel amazing every time we look down!

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The wonderful thing about fashion is that you can play chameleon and be a different side of yourself everyday. So I used this opportunity to throw in a pop of color into my usual all black type of outfits with this beige cardigan! Especially in the colder seasons I love layering looks. It’s like an extra ingredient to make your outfit pop by adding another layer to it. Therefore this cardigan was a super lucky find! 

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Time flies by and now it’s already March! I actually didn’t had a great start into this month due to a car crash, but therefor February has been amazing! I ate tons of delicious food, had a lovely Valentine’s date and danced the whole night at the Chainsmokers concert in Cologne, they just rock! 

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