#Anzeige! Habt ihr euch schon Vorsätze fürs neue Jahr gemacht? Gesünder Leben? Öfters ins Fitnessstudio gehen? Früher aufstehen? Wir alle haben uns schon mal ähnliche Vorsätze vorgenommen und zumindest bei mir haben diese Vorsätze nie sehr lange angehalten!

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A few weeks ago Maria and I spendt a weekend in Frankfurt and were invited to stay in the 25 hours hotel The Goldmann. 25 hours Hotels actually got 2 hotels in Frankfurt. The 25 hours Hotel by Levis is located really closely to the main train station and the one we stayed in is super central too!

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About two month ago I went on a super relaxing trip to Alcudia. It already feels like it has been ages ago, but I still got the tan lines from this vacation so I guess this little travel diary is still relevant! To be honest we weren’t that adventures on this holiday. Most of our time was spent tanning, reading and sipping cocktails by the pool. That’s what life should always be like right?

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After a little break I’m finally back! I was just super busy during the past weeks due my internship and a few exams. But here we are again with a new outfit. So let’s switch the topic and talk about the important things in life: fashion!

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A few weeks ago my friends and I decided to give the self service restaurant What’s Pizza a try! The restaurant is located on the Immermannstraße in Düsseldorf next to countless Japanese restaurants and therefore provides a nice diversity. I opted for the totally unspectacular, but really yummy magherita pizza while Anna went for a healthier option with some veggies and Annika chose one of their more fancy creations with potatoes. The food was good and I really appreciate the huge selection of variations they offer, but be prepared to wait a little bit for your food. Especially in the evening it can get a little bit crowded.

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This was usually supposed to be a really belated April diary, but I decided to turn this into a little “last month favorites” instead! As you probably realized I haven’t been so consistent on here lately, since I’ve been on vacation, more on that note in the next blogpost! Howsoever there were many highlights in April, which I still want to share with you better late than never!

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Summer what are you doing? Are you stuck in traffic or did you get lost on the way? It’s almost May and I’m still wearing my winter boots! Well I’m not complaining because I love my little collection of Ash boots, but some sunshine would be nice too! Just a few weeks ago it was actually snowing somewhere in Germany! (I just saw it on snapchat to be honest, but it looked pretty real)

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When I was 16 it has been one of my biggest dreams to leave Germany as soon as I can, after I finished school. Now I’m nearly done with all this school stuff, to be exact as soon as I took my four upcoming  A-level exams, and moving to Los Angeles is the last thing on my mind. Why? Because it is super expensive! Okay that’s obviously not the only reason, but during the past month I have to admit that I fell in love with the city I grow up in!

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We girls always get super excited when it comes to new bags, right? So after bringing my good, but way too big and unhandy speedy with me for years I thought it was time for another investment. Accordingly I would like to  introduce you to my new partner in crime: this beautiful crossbody bag from Michael Kors!

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