New year new journeys

Anzeige // New year – new holiday destinations! What’s on your travel list for 2018? I really want to travel more this year. Seeing new countries, cities and cultures is definitely on top of my to-do list! Next to Hamburg and Amsterdam (Amsterdam travel diary here) there are also some further destinations I would love to see, like Abu Dhabi, Stockholm and Mallorca! 

For now I would like to share some memories from my last trip to Alcudia with you! I can hardly wait for summer. I’m just so done with this rainy and cold weather and eager for some sunbeams. Not even during my stay in Alcudia I could enjoy the nice weather, since I caught a bad cold and sunburn at the beginning of our trip. Luckily my mum had all the medicine, I needed to get back on track, with her thanks to our favorite “Reiseapotheke!

Backpack – Michael Kors


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