Back in black

It’s back! Ultrawide Techno Pants? Green-blue eye shadow? Or perhaps even the so-calleass antler tattoo? No, you don’t need to worry nothing that fancy is about to come back into my wardrobe I just brought the classic skirt back after I basically banished skirts for two good reasons!


First of all every skirt I own was suddenly too small or way too big on me! How is that even possible that some would only fit my right leg and others my whole family? My beloved jeans skirt, which I already showed you here, simply slid down completely ignoring my presence while I had to hold my breath to slip into my tennis skirt. In addition to that problem number two occurred and all my tights all of a sudden had ladders in them. Therefore I simply had enough of skirts!

Until I recently discovered a beautiful Zara leather skirt and bought it in a heartbeat! Of course not everything went smoothly with this one either, since the skirt turned out to be a little bit too long. Fortunately there are two tailors near me, which fixed the problem over night and I also bought a new pair of tights in the meantime, so I hit two birds with one stone and fixed both problems! Well kind of, at least if we ignore the fact that the tights are starting to get another ladder. Nevertheless I guess one can say that I successfully integrated the skirt back into my closet.

lederrock-10_bearbeitet-2 - zara leather skirtlederrock-4_bearbeitet-2 - zara leather skirtlederrock-9_bearbeitet-3 - zara leather skirtlederrock-15_bearbeitet-1 - zara leather skirtlederrock-3_bearbeitet-1 - zara leather skirtZara leather skirt (similar one here or here)



  1. October 9, 2016 / 00:17

    Thank you so much Kara!

    Best wishes

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