Opposites attract

After a little break I’m finally back! I was just super busy during the past weeks due my internship and a few exams. But here we are again with a new outfit. So let’s switch the topic and talk about the important things in life: fashion!

outfit - 3

There are two types of people on this earth those who shop online and those who need to see and try on everything in store. I’m definitely the first type! I usually find the best bargains around midnight laying in my bed! During these midnight sessions I visit around 20 different online shops and fill up every basket to the edge of my budget. But in the end I always order stuff at the same online shops like P & C Düsseldorf. I usually just go after the categories and see what’s new or on sale! What I also love about shopping online is that they have a much better offer and variety than in the store. They have all the sizes, unless it’s sold out, and you can get a glance at the whole collecion. But one can also chose the category jeans if you are just on the hunt for a new pair of pants! That’s a great trick to prevent yourself from buying tons of other things when you really just need a new pair of shoes or so. 

For this look I tried to create a exciting contrast by combining the delicate and feminine blouse with an edgy destroyed jeans. To round it off I wore my favorite pair of boots and called it a look! And I will give you three guesses where I shopped my cloth!

IMG_5387 Auswahl


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